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Sunken Treasure Episode 1
Sunken Treasure Episode 1 - Otan's Fear Reviewer 1500 View

After loading up on gear at Midwest Scuba, Mike makes the 1,300 mile drive to Key Largo, picking up musician Otan Vargas along the way. Although Otan grew up in the Philippines, a fear of the ocean has kept him out of the water. Watch as he overcomes this fear and snorkels for the first time ever!

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    RED SEA March 2013

    Some of the best footage from our latest trip to the Red Sea. The footage was recorded using a GoPro Hero2 with a red filter (which is why the dolphins are a tad orange)...

  • A Night with a Hungry Cuttlefish
    A Night with a Hungry Cuttlefish 1 Year ago

    On a night dive in the Philippines, a little friend decided to join me. This cuttlefish and I hung out together on a night dive for over 45 minutes. It used my lights to hunt. And hunt it did. Probably having the biggest meal of its life...